Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders are placed PRE-PAY. That means orders do not go into production until your payment has cleared. Any “Charge Backs” or “Credit Card Cancellations” will be subject to our full Graphic Design Rates ($80.00 Per Hour) plus the cost of goods ordered. We do accept checks for orders, but you must be pre-approved with management. This will apply to each order.
  2. Our FREE ARTWORK SETUP services are intended for businesses which have their business artwork files in the following: High Resolution JPG, TIFF, or PDF., or any master PSD file or Adobe Illustrator file (.ai, .svg, .pdf). We will utilize these files to provide the FREE ART SETUP that we offer with all Gift Card Orders.
    ATTENTION: Files that are BLURRY, FUZZY, or images that cannot be printed, should be professionally rebuilt.  If you fail to supply our art department with proper address, artwork, phone numbers, or have more than two editing sessions, you will be billed at $45 Per Proof after your initial free setup. So PLEASE be prepared, and have all of your information available during the ordering process.
  3. All sales are final. Customers agree to go to print via an email confirmation. When that email confirmation is obtained, the artwork is sent to the print server, and production has begun. There are no last minute corrections or add-ons. Artwork is final, and the product will be produced  exactly as the agreed-proof has demonstrated.
  4. As the World Turns. Due to weather, acts of God, problems with logistics, and forces of nature out of our ability to control, we cannot GUARANTEE delivery dates. We can provide tracking codes and operate within reason with the information provided by UPS or DHL shipping providers.
  5. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any given reason. We issue full refunds on cancelled orders. Inappropriate language, threats, or the inability to communicate with our sales staff will be handled with the most professionalism. We offer POS Gift Services as a service to RPOWER Dealers and RPOWER POS Customers.
  6. Our number one goal is to provide fast turnarounds for Gift Cards with the fastest available shipping and competitive pricing pertaining to POS-oriented services.